A Primer on How WoW Characters Can Make Weapons and Armor

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Blacksmithing is one of the primary trade skills in the World of Warcraft. A player may only have 2 primary trade skills, so some consideration should be put into which skills the World of Warcraft player chooses to take up. Blacksmithing allows the World of Warcraft player who chooses to take it up the ability to make weapons and a few other items that may be useful to other players such as the enchanter’s rod.

Should the player choose to take up this trade skill, he may want to pick up mining to complement it. Mining allows the blacksmith to pick up many of the materials he will need to make the items that can be produced with this trade skill.

All trade skills available in the game require a player to purchase training from a trainer at the start. The Blacksmithing trainers are usually found in the major cities or larger settlements. Once a player picks up the initial skill level from a blacksmithing trainer, he should visitthe NPC standing near the trainer that sells blacksmithing supplies. The next purchase for the perspective World of Warcraft smith will be to pick up a blacksmithing hammer. The hammer does not need to be equipped to be used to make items. It is not a bad idea while doing this to find the nearest mining trainer and pick up the apprentice level of the mining skill.

The recipes that the blacksmith uses will require copper ore. Players with the Burning Crusade will be able to increase their skill level to 375. Players must visit a trainer to raise their skill at 75, 150, 225 and 300 to continue their blacksmithing career in the World of Warcraft.

A player who takes up blacksmithing in the World of Warcraft has 5 specialization options open to him:

  • armor smithweapon smithsword smith
  • hammer smith
  • axe smith

All specializations can be accessed by completing the appropriate quest. This follows the path of all the primary production trade skills in the game and a player cannot change his specialization once he chooses it.

Making Money with Blacksmithing

It is possible to make money with blacksmithing, but it is not one of the more useful trade skills for doing so. Many recipes sell back to vendors for less than the purchase cost of the items used to make them and often better drops can be obtained from instances in the World of Warcraft than can be made by the player with this trade skill. Its use in other trade skills whose services are in high demand to other World of Warcraft players such as enchanting may make it worth it for the player determined to stick with the trade skill long enough.

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