WoW Mage PvP Guide A Few Useful Tricks the Beginner Can Use on the Battlegrounds

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World of Warcraft mages can be one of the most powerful and feared forces in PvP. While their armor choices make them weaker than classes that must use similar strategies, like hunters, the mage has many tools that help players of the class excel in PvP combat.

Word count limits prevent this article from going into detail on how to counter each class effectively, but the reader should walk away with valuable tips that he can expand on to use in PvP combat while playing his mage.

Frost mages have a distinct advantage over other types of World of Warcraft mages because of their slow and snare abilities. While all mages can use these abilities, the frost branch of the talent tree extends the abilities, increases the slow rate and decreases the recharge time on frost nova.

While mages that specialize in the frost tree have the best PvP capabilities of this class, any mage who wishes to excel at PvP must use the tools to keep the enemy at bay. These spells are polymorph, frost nova, frost bolt, and blink. The mage can only take a few hits from spells or melee weapons, although the mage is capable of using mana shield to overcome this weakness. (The mage’s remove curse can also dispel many warlock damage over time spells.)

A Frost mage has an advantage in PvP combat over an arcane or fire mage, but this advantage does not mean that the other types of mages cannot use frost spells effectively. An arcane mage has better mana management tools while fire mages, which do the best in player versus environment situations can still do a lot of damage if they can keep the mage’s opponents away from them long enough to cast his fireballs.

Useful Mage PvP Tricks

The spell blink is given to mages for a reason. The instant cast teleport spell, blink, moves the mage forward from the direction he is facing. If the mage has time to get off a frost nova before using it, he can then use a large nuke on his target.

One useful PvP mage trick suggested by the Epic Warcraft is to sheep a priest who uses the bubble spell to let the bubble wear off and make sure the mage’s mana is used on doing damage to a priest player, and that his mana is not wasted on removing the priest’s shield.

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